How I Use Social Media Marketing To Create My Million Dollar Business!

Everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing even without prior marketing knowledge!



Looking for a breakthrough in Your Business Revenue?

Tired of looking for new customers every month?

Thinking of way to outshine your competitor?

Fret not!

1. Do you want to know how SME businesses use Social Media Marketing to expand their business for the past 5 years.

2. Do you want to know how you can do social media marketing without engaging Social Media Agency?

3. Do you want to know how you can leverage the power of social media marketing without spending fixed cost hiring a marketing, creative or a copywriter?

Yes, I am teaching you social media marketing strategy that I personally used when I first started my business. I was a NUS dropout, I lack creativity, I am not good with writing. If I can succeed, so can you. Like Alibaba Billionaire, Jack Ma once said,

"I know nothing about tech or marketing—this is the secret to my success"

Traditional marketing channel requires you to hire the right people in your company to work or PR agency, Marketing Agency Or Creative Agency before you can execute the right marketing strategy. What's worse, many a time, businesses cannot justify their marketing budget with their ROI.

Then you might have heard of social media marketing, but not sure how you can actually do it. How to execute the right social media marketing? How do I outshine my strongest competitor? How do I do it without spending money hiring talent or agency? Etc etc etc.

So here we are, where our social media expert, James Soh, reveals the secrets of Social Media Marketing!

This is The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Blueprint, where we teach you my secret social media strategy, where you do not need to fork out a single cent to hire media, creative or PR agency or a talent (Trust me, most of the time SME engage wrong one especially when the director lack sufficient social media marketing knowledge)

You don't even need to spend time do your own research, all you need to do is to understand my course.

We made it very simple and easy to learn, yet super important tips, and we hand hold you step by step on how to do proper strategy, revealing my secrets, and more!

It's not an instant winning strategy, you do need to put in effort and time. So as long as you are willing to put in the effort, we are willing to help you along.

Don't miss out on this in 2020, we'll see you at the course! =)


Our Success Story

When we created this brand, it started out as an empty Facebook account with 0 online following and unknown in the market.


Its a household name in the local renovation industry as the No.1 Online Renovation Media in Singapore with OVER 250,000 online following across all social media and website.

With our vast following online, we work with over 100 of companies to help them to gain over 800 leads per month.

Companies That Renopedia Worked With

And Many More...

Our Raving Testimonials

Before Us

  • 0 online following and had no social media presence.
  • Wanted to expand business and spent $1.5 million on newspapers, radio and TVC but no effective results.
    After Us
    • Invested 20% on Facebook and increased revenue from $15 million to $29 million.
    • Reduced 50% on traditional advertising.
    • Expanded from 3 outlets to 7 outlets.
    • Has one of the highest online following in the industry with 88K Facebook followers with an average of 160 leads generated monthly.

Before Us

  • Customer base were mainly carpenters and profit margin is low.
  • Spent $20,000/month on Google Marketing with no visible results.After Us
    • Reduced marketing expenses to $5000 a month and shifted to Facebook marketing.
    • Gained 350 direct consumer enquiries every month.
    • Managed to work with 25 Interior Design companies within 6 months.
    • Profit margin Increased as compared to just working with carpenters.

Your Instructor

James Soh
James Soh

James Soh is A Social Media Marketing Specialist and also the founder of, the number 1 interior design media in Singapore. He had created success with Renopedia from 0 to more than 2 million revenue per year using social media marketing strategy. He had also successfully transformed businesses using marketing strategy.

In the past 5 years, he had received Successful Innovators Awards, Singapore Brand Award, Asia In Award and SME100 award. He had also help transform into Top 5 of the Most Popular Blogs on the planet. Till date, renopedia garnered 1 million impression per month, with an average of 500,000 engagement per month

He believes that business is not really about luck, it requires hardwork and the right direction. And this is the main reason of why he is so passionate about coaching people using the step by step formula towards business success.

James was 19 years old when he went into the MLM industry. He dropped out of NUS to focus on MLM, however, when we became the highest position in the company, he realised many of his peers was not earning money. At the age of 22, he went into f&b business but failed the business in less than 7 months. Then he went back to MLM and fought for another 2 years, however, at the age of 25, he nearly went bankruptcy.

His life started to change when he started his full time job as a sales executive in the traditional magazine firm and achieve success. At the age of 29, he was forced to start out a business on his own again as traditional media is in a sunset industry. By learning the skill of social media marketing and executing it in his online media industry, he achieved success in his business.

In this 5 years, his portfolio grew to 1000 over satisfied clients, which include Singtel, Myrepublic, Daikin, Gain City etc

James has been featured and interviewed in the newspaper and radio stations regarding his journey.

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