Making Bedtime A Priority

Unlock healing potentials with deeper sleep

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The majority of population left the remaining hours
after a busy 24-hour day, for sleep.

Are you one of them?

If you are seeking for personalised-ways
to improve your deep-sleep,
you are in the right place!

Since you have landed on this page, I guess you are seeking
for solutions to improve your deep-sleep, so you wake-up fresh in the morning, to accomplish your day's task feeling satisfied and accomplished.

More importantly, you'll learn simple tips, that will
inspire you to want to make bedtime a priority

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Good news!!!

This e-Book has been compiled from my 15-years of experience as a practising Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor. Having helped thousands of clients made significant improvements in sleep quality, when they:

✔ have more deep-sleep hours,

✔ wake-up less times at night,

✔ recover from recurring nightmares,

... while witnessing transformations in their health and lives in indescribable ways.

The content in this e-Book will equip you with:

  • Greater understanding of why sleep is important and what is its crucial impact on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing (including weight management), productivity and relationships.
  • Recognise the important functions of each stage of sleep - light, deep and REM sleep. How each stage supports the other, so your body healing's potentials will be optimised when the "right" proportion in %, between light & deep sleep is achieved consistently.
  • Easy and simple to follow guides, that allows you to derive at making your personalized strategy to make bedtime a priority.

The tips on this eBook can help you minimise the body’s burden from stress during the day, so you can fall asleep with more ease at night.

So, you don't have to be trapped by cumulated STRESS on a day to day basis.

How Can Sleep Optimises your Body's Healing Potentials?

Getting sufficient sleep nightly is more important than physical exercise or eating healthy foods for good overall wellness.

✔ Sleeping gives your brain time to rest and restore itself after a busy day of thinking, processing, and learning new information.

✔ Sleep is one of the most effective ways and plays a critical role to help the body de-stress, so the self-healing mechanism can do its job.

Give your body a break!!!

Most common reported benefits of quality sleep are as follows:

  • Improved concentration and focus: with lesser brain fog, daytime sleepiness and fatigue;
  • Improved productivity: make less careless mistakes;
  • Better memory retention: less forgetful;
  • Propels motivation, instead of procrastination (when lack clarity of purpose);
  • Ability to stay present or in the moment: either in meetings, with clients or with family and children (even after a busy day's work);
  • Swift decision making process: with less cluttered mind;
  • Emotional stability: minimise mood swings, heal emotional burden;
  • Replenished energy daily: wake up recharged every morning provides the mind with fresh start that fuels and drive you to pursue what is truly meaningful to you.

I hope you too will enjoy this e-Book and benefit from the healing powers of sleep, to improve and balance between both your deep, light and REM sleep, as you discover your own sleep patterns based your own body's needs.

Wish you all the best in exploring ways that sleep can help bring healing at all levels. Allowing you to pursue your dreams because your existence matters!

(The content of this eBook consists of raw-content, compiled from my experience, without proof-reading or professional copywriting. Thanks for your patience and understanding).

Your Instructor

Irene Khor
Irene Khor
  • Irene Khor is an international speaker and also a regional expert in BodyTalk SystemTM, a holistic therapy that can treat the “root cause” of a number of physical, emotional and mental health conditions, since 2006.
  • She has been invited twice, by Kuam News (USA), Guam's Official News Network, to share her perspective on certain physical symptoms being a psychosomatic (aggravated by emotional stress) which can be addressed wholistically with BodyTalk, to heal the symptoms at its root, and not merely medicating to relieve the symptoms.
  • She is grateful for the opportunity to be invited by LetsMov8, an Active Enabler Programme (AEP) by ActiveSG in 2020. To contribute by teaching a simple self-help Technique, that helps with calming the brain. So we can snap-out instantly from drowning in mental and emotional stress unconsciously.
  • Over 15 years of practise, Irene is known to her clients and students as patience, kind, insightful and amazing teacher, mentor and ‘healer’ to some.
  • Today, she provides both private BodyTalk sessions and teaches the BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals & BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration, MindScape and MindPower Workshops in Singapore, China, Malaysia (Penang, KL & Malacca), Philippines (Manila), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Jakarta), HongKong and Guam, USA.
  • Since 2020 she started to compile her 15 years of experience into easily to follow steps structure, to help her clients and graduates to improve their physical health, harmonize emotional wellbeing and neutralise mental conditionings.
  • So that they feel empowered to take one simple step at a time, as they reignite their passion to eventual pursue their destiny. So every days feels meaningful and accomplished whether in career, business, relationship and of course supported by a healthy wellbeing and attitude.

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